Various intercom systems ranging from smaller portable systems to built-in intercom systems which can connect multiple external audio devices/telephones whilst providing a superior intercom system between headsets and the radio.

Lynx Micro System Interfaces

The Lynx Micro System interfaces have many desirable features which make them the best interface units on the market for light aircraft use.

  • Intelligent circuit design which can autonomously switch external music off for important radio transmissions to be heard loud and clear.
  • 12v power supply from the aircraft to keep all your devices charged.Fused circuit protection so you can be confident your equipment will not be damaged in the event of a power surge.
  • Custom lead lengths for radio/headset leads available at customer’s request.
  • Mounting kit which can be applied to various mounting types in your aircraft.
  • Dual remote PTT with an audible beep when transmitting.

Dual remote PTT buttons with audible beep when transmitting plus the ability to connect an external audio source into the system

Two-meter-long radio lead to suit any current Airband radio with the ability for custom lengths if required

Two-meter-long flying headset leads for easy routing of cables ensuring a neatly installed system

12v input to supply power to Micro System Headsets and handheld radios, fused for circuit and device protection


The radio/Power interface is intended for fixed installation and connects one or two headsets to a radio. When connected to a suitable 12v power supply, the unit will supply power to the radio and Micro System headsets.


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