A selection of high-quality headsets with either passive noise reduction (PNR) or active noise reduction (ANR) which can be used on our intercom systems, with general aviation connectors or plugged directly into the radio.

Lynx Micro System Headsets

The Lynx Micro System headsets have many desirable features which make them the best headsets on the market for light aircraft use.

  • Light weight high-capacity battery to provide
  • over 50 hours of use from a single charge with normal usage
  • High-quality powerful speakers providing depth and range to your audio
  • Gel ear seals which conform to your ears for a comfortable fit
  • Noise attenuating microphone for better audio reception
  • Flexible boom for easy adjustment on the fly
  • Noise attenuating ear cups with specially designed sound chambers
  • Specially formulated acoustic foam wind shield to prevent unwanted wind noise
Keyshot Headset.34


High quality transmitting noise cancelling microphone, encapsulated in an acoustic foam wind shield to reduce wind noise

Volume control
Custom designed acoustic sound chamber to deaden any unwanted noise, coupled with 40mm high quality speakers for superior sound quality

High capacity battery, captured in a comfortable foam headband, adjustable for any sized head for a perfect fit

Micro System headset G3

The Micro System G3 headset is our flagship headset which provides excellent audio for both intercom and radio transmissions when coupled with an intercom system. The headset comes with many features such as a built-in power source, precise volume control and noise attenuating microphone.


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