M073 Headset Converter (UK NATO)

RRP £138.41
Allows the use of military helmets with Lynx intercom equipment.
The headset converter (UK NATO Jack) is for use with Helicopter headsets or helmets fitted with a UK NATO Jack plug and allows the headset or helmet to connect to a lynx radio interface. The converter will allow virtually any UK NATO military or general aviation headset or helmet to be used in aircraft which have Lynx intercom equipment installed. The converter can be configured to work with speaker impedances from 8 to 600 Ohms and dynamic, electret or carbon (Amplified) microphones. The converter is backwards compatible with all Lynx intercoms products and maintains all the interface functions including selective PTT operation and microphone muting. The converter is very useful in syndicated aircraft where some users wish to retain the use of their helicopter headsets or helmets. The converter is also useful for pilots of vintage aircraft, as it allows classic helmets to be used with a state-of-the-art intercom system and modern radios including handheld radios.


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M073 Headset Converter (UK NATO)